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Books and articles about GMC.
Western Medicine and Public Health in Colonial Bombay 1845-1895.
Author: Mridula Ramanna
This extensively researched book is a rich source of historical information about the early history of GMC.

cover shows G.T. hospital
fully referenced with footnotes

Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls.
Author : Anirban Bose
Finally someone had the gumption and chutzpah to write a coming-of-age novel based on student life in GMC. Some of Anirban's contemporaries in GMC may even  recognize those who inspired his characterizations! Easy to read and written in fluid prose the narrative is fast paced and pulls the reader along. The novel explores the lives and adventures of a group of students entering GMC and how their friendship is tested and forged. Dr Bose also delves into moral and ethical issues confronting his protagonist giving the book added depth and elevating this book above many others in it's genre. Highly recommended reading for all GMCites! 

published by Harper Collins India

Men and Memorabilia of Grant Medical College
Author: Dr NG Talwalkar
An excellent source of historical information is this book (cover shown) published under the auspices of the GMC research society. 


Very few scholarly articles have been published in journals about the history of GMC. Here is one available online:

Indian Economic & Social History Review

'Regularly brought up medical men': Nineteenth-century Grant Medical College graduates, medical rationalism and leprosy

2004; 41; 293

Shubhada Pandya